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Eagles Win VS One Rival (The Giants) And Help Another (The Cowboys)

December 23, 2016

Last year also in the penultimate week of the NFL “reg,” another “packaged” NFL night game, that one on a Saturday in Philadelphia, resulted in a Wash “division clinching win,” that eliminated both the New York Giants and the (Philly) Eagles.

I noted at the time (link below) that in a calendar year (2015), in which both the Giants and Eagles lost an elderly, great former player (Frank Gifford and Chuck Bednarik respectively), linked by a play in 1960 that in many ways, mostly for worse, symbolized the two team’s great rivalry, perhaps Mr. Gifford and Mr. Bednarik watched “from above,” as their teams were eliminated together, from any ‘offs possibilities.

Last night in a Thursday packaged NBC tilt with the unbearable duo of Mike Tirico and (oh did he just shut up now at 7 A.M. the next day) Cris Collinsworth, the now (6-9) Eagles, by the way bet from plus 3 to “pick em”/even, held off the (10-5) Giants, clinching the one seed for the (12-2) Dallas Cowboys.

As stated in a post earlier this week, last night’s tilt probably would not matter as Dallas was going to be the NFC one seed, (Dallas achieved that for just the second time in the 21 season span from (1996-2016), after notching the one seed twice in three seasons (’93 and ’95) with both “one seed seasons,” culminating in Supe wins. That was part of a great 3 Super Bowl wins in 4 seasons (’92-95) by Dallas, which has never been exceeded and matched only by the Patriots, the likely AFC 2016 top seed counterpart to Dallas from (’01-’04), while the Giants would almost surely qualify as an NFC wild card team, a “perch” from which they won it all in ’07, beating the lone other Dallas “one seed” team in this 21 season span, in the 4th “slot”/div playoff game, along the way.

I think back to 1994 when I saw the great player, Chuck Bednarik at the Heisman Trophy event, rooting so hard for the old Cleveland Browns in their win, (in another coincidence coached by Bill Belichick, need I say more), at Dallas, in a late season, Saturday AFTERNOON game.

Chuck told me that to put it mildly, “he did not like the Dallas Cowboys.” By the way for the record, I recall that Ken Safarowic, married to Chuck and wife Emma’s daughter Carol, was quite a good player and journalist, one who likely would appreciate this history but perhaps edit order and maybe content.

Last night, the Cowboys and their fans including “Michael D” and son Nicky, rooted for the “disliked” Eagles, the game result, meaning among other things, Dallas will host a slots/division game (I will say on Fox, in the Sunday Jan. 15th later game/4th slot) and be the NFC one seed at the time Michael and Nick celebrate their shared birthdays in the preceding week.

Imagine what the odds were against that (not them having shared birthdays, something I suppose, hard to calculate) happening, when we were discussing “Cowboys 2016,” informing them, quarterback Tony Romo would be out of action indefinitely.



Wilbert Montgomery burst 42 yards for a touchdown to open the scoring in the Eagles’ 1980 NFC title tilt win vs the Cowboys. A year later, the Giants led by Rob Carpenter and coached by the forgotten Ray Perkins, upset the Eagles in the one NFC wild card game. (They began 2 wild card round games in both the NFC and AFC in 1990, the Eagles losing in the first ever such game vs the Washington Redskins.)

Click below to read my post from December 2015, regarding “Giff” (Frank Gifford) and “Concrete Charlie” (Chuck Bednarik) maybe, watching a related game together.

Maybe Frank Gifford and Chuck Bednarik watched together as their former teams were eliminated from playoff contention


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