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Maybe Frank Gifford and Chuck Bednarik watched together as their former teams were eliminated from playoff contention

December 27, 2015

There is death, being knocked out and being knocked out of the playoffs.

After each died in 2015, perhaps football greats Frank Gifford  (New York Giants) and Chuck Bednarik (Philadelphia Eagles) watched together, or at least were aware that in a year, the two forever linked by Bednarik’s legal but vicious tackle that knocked Gifford out for the season in 1960, that the Washington Redskins’ win at Philadelphia last night, knocked both their former teams out of playoff contention for the 2015 season.

1960 was the last great glory for the Eagles culminating in Bednarik’s tackle of the Green Bay Packers’ great Jim Taylor, which clinched the 1960 title game in Philadelphia, 55 years ago yesterday.

Gifford’s Giants, a near great and certainly glorious team when he played, won but one of six title tilts from (1956-1963).

However, as Frank told me as he took a “Bullwinkle” doll for one of his newer children, he always took pride in his 1956 Giants winning the title, by the greatest margin in New York Giants’ annals, (47-7) vs the Chicago Bears.

The Giants have won four subsequent titles. For now, however, it is hail to the Redskins!


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