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NFL And Christmas Day Part 2

December 22, 2016

There is then and of course now.

In 1971 on Christmas Day, Jack Whitaker was the lead announcer and many, my father included, felt Dallas had passed its toughest test, winning a “div” playoff game at Minnesota, in a bid to finally win a Super Bowl.

They did go on to win it all, carrying stoic, football intense, but unlike such as “Willie Boy” Bill Parcells, a decent man, coach Tom Landry off the field after doing so.

I  have problems with megalomaniac Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones anyway, but especially so, when recalling his treatment of Mr. Landry, when the former took control of the team/brand.

Rather than rant further vs the NFL and add my mixed feeling regarding Dallas and the NFL (Rather as in Dan, is heard from Dallas on that fateful day in 1963, all it entails….. in the fine new film, “Jackie” starring Natalie Portman as Mrs. Kennedy, her pink outfit drained in the blood that still sadly whether right or wrong, haunts me as a symbol of this country’s and my macro failure. My micro failure can not quite be tied to that day or can it?!!), I will talk about “the more things change, they stay the same” aspect of Christmas Day second game of the day, tilts  45 years apart. (was #45, “Tank” Holmes still with the Chiefs in ’71?).

On Christmas Day 1971, with, as the great broadcaster, Curt Gowdy (now at best “we” endure Al Michaels and his stretched out, behind play by play or heaven help us Mike Tirico, an example that not the meek, but the incompetent shall inherit the earth) said, “a moon hanging down over Municipal Stadium,” the Miami Dolphins’ Garo Yepremian, another player, unjustly denied Hall of Fame status, booted a winning field goal in the 6th quarter of what is still the NFL’s longest game, lifting “Mia” over the host K.C. Chiefs, and into a home AFC title tilt.

Then as now, a favored Chiefs team hosted/will host a Christmas game.



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