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A “Suggestion” Regarding Jeopardy

December 24, 2016

The earth was a better place with 6 time Jeopardy champion, Cindy Stowell still on it and the show, (Jeopardy) was better, when the second and third place contestants could keep the money they won.

Here is an easy (Jeopardy with all the publicity gained from Cindy’s life, death and “Jeop” appearances can afford it) way to express that sentiment.

Ms. Stowell won a good deal of money, I think over one hundred thousand dollars, in winning on 6 Jeopardy shows.

In her 7th appearance a man with an eerily similar last name, who won the next night as well, (last night’s episode aired, but I do not know the result) Sam Scovill, outscored Cindy, but not before she answered correctly in Final Jeopardy and put the fact in a form of a question.

Stowell “scored” roughly 20 thousand dollars, but was awarded but two thousand, as the second place finisher.

As a tribute to Cindy Stowell and the many who scored big on the show, albeit not winning and were reduced by thousands, Jeopardy should donate the roughly 20 thousand dollar difference to cancer research where some of Cindy Stowell’s “Jeopardy sanctioned” winnings are already headed.



Cindy Stowell pictured and very likely, “above.”





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