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More Minko Mistake(s)

December 16, 2016

On a sports update report earlier this week, WFAN’s John Minko, for so many years a “give the losing team first,” etiquette violator to fans and bettors alike, uttered a “doozy,” regarding a report on Michigan’s arrogant coach, Jim Harbaugh’s future plans.

Harbaugh had stated he will stay at Michigan. Minko cited that adding he said he would not go to the NFL OR the Los Angeles Rams.

L.A. is not a good team, but they ARE part of the NFL.



Imagine a kid, this is not about gambling, say 13 years old, having to miss his beloved Chicago Bulls, still seeking a first NBA Finals appearance, 7th game at defending champion and favorite Detroit (Pistons) in the 1989 NBA semi-finals.

Then there were no mobile phones and WFAN sports updates “told the story” to many who listened. From the start, and likely to this day, those giving the scores, so important to so many people (they should not be but are, additionally even in not important sports, information should be diseminted correctly) have done so with little regard to etiquette (winning or leading team stated first) and at times, accuracy.

Minko, on that fateful Sunday “tortured” some poor Bulls’ fan, going to a break, saying “Bulls advance.” The Pistons advanced and covered that day in 1990.

Together Mr. Jordan (Michael) and Mr. Pippen (Scottie), the latter a virtual no show in that 7th, and the Bulls never lost an ‘offs series again, (after a Jordan “full season,”), winning 6 titles. Yet even that can not dispel the pain, that kid suffered that day due to Minko’s ineptitude, a status so often continued when he gives scores.

With no scores to give, as offensive as Minko’s “apple polishing” of Mike Francesa is, it is really not harmful, but why is he allowed to “give the scores,” in the manner he does?

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