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Reflections On Years; Parents (Madre, Padre) And (John) PODRES/1955 Brooklyn Title

December 15, 2016

On this a cold, windy day, please indulge some  personal reflections that abound, as on this date exactly 67 years ago, yes on a Thursday, my parents were married.

“The place” I sit is the same since 1967, a period of 49 years. “The folks” married in 1949, conceiving me in 1955.

My father was a New York Giants’ fan, my mother put up with being courted at The Polo Grounds and the insanity of two men, especially me, first loving and then seeing that love for baseball, deteriorate on my part.

Certainly on the occasions, the great broadcaster, Bob Costas returned calls (he and I lamented greatly about the wild card presence in baseball), my mother’s spirits (Costas’ big break was in broadcasting St. Louis Spirits’ games, beginning at age 22) were lifted, even if my love for baseball was waning.

I once called the great basketball player and current insightful author, Kareem Abdul Jabbar at a New York City hotel, circa 1980, on another of those lonely Saturday nights.

Kareem was polite and his laugh was clearly discernible, when I told him I was in my mother’s womb “rooting” for his beloved, 1955 title winning (at long last) Brooklyn Dodgers.

“Research” of sorts, plus what I already knew yields that both the first and last of the 54 outs in the famed 7th and deciding game in which Brooklyn’s “next year” finally arrived at/vs the great New York Yankees, were shortstop to first sacker, ground outs.

Playing in left field, Jim Gilliam, famously moved from “there” to second base to start the fateful bottom of the sixth, moving Sandy Amoros soon after toward “the left field line of destiny,” grounded out Phil Rizzuto to Bill “Moose” Skowron to start the game.

Pitching hero John Podres threw a change up pitch, on which Elston Howard grounded out Pee Wee Reese to Gil Hodges (Gil drove in both Brooklyn runs in their great (2-0) win) and Brooklyn celebrated and celebrated.

Through the sadness of life and the ambivalence on my part toward baseball, I know it is through moments such as the lone Brooklyn title, won vs such a great team/era of New York Yankees’ baseball, that I loved/love the unique game.



52 years after the first World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers won their first and only such event. Johnny Podres was awarded “Sportsman of the Year” honors by Sports Illustrated.

A period of roughly 52 years “without,” ended this year when the Cleveland Cavaliers ended the city of Cleveland’s title drought.

LeBron James of the Cavaliers was named this year’s “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated.

A mention of another 52 ending, the fine Dallas Cowboys’ #52, Dave Edwards passing away, cited in New York Times’ obituaries, that also reported John Glenn and Greg Lake had died. Hear the music and recall the public service!




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