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Dolphins On A Saturday Night At (Jets) In An Important Game For Miami

December 17, 2016

Tonight there is a Saturday night NFL tilt, matching the wild card contending Miami Dolphins, against the (4-10) New York Jets.

One would think it would be difficult, even highly unlikely, for the Dolphins to make the playoffs, if they do not win tonight’s game, in which they are two plus point favorites.

Miami is (8-5), right now tied in the standings (I think Denver has the current tiebreaker, it is hard to determine which team would have it under certain circumstances at season’s end) with the defending Supe champion, Denver Broncos.

Denver hosts the current AFC leading, (11-2) New England Patriots, before journeying to now (10-3) K,C, (Chiefs) on Christmas night.

They complete the trio of games, against the teams with the top 3 records in the AFC, when they host the now (10-3) Oakland Raiders in the regular season finale on the first day of 2017 (can you believe it will soon be the year 2017?!).

The “‘Phins” of Miami visit now (6-7) Buffalo next week (by the way the NFL will have a virtually full “card” next Saturday, not Sunday Christmas Day) on December 24th, before hosting “N.E.” on Jan.1, 2017.

Certainly other things can and likely will happen (the team not winning the AFC North, right now likely (7-6) Baltimore Ravens, a team that ripped the Dolphins 2 weeks back, could easily gain the second wild card spot/6th seed), however, I would say it is likely that 6th spot will go to either Miami or Denver.



Be careful how you do so. Three posts today as the snow falls. Next I “rip” into some on air people and in my opinion, a ridiculous show.

However, my third post will recall memories in and around another Dolphins at Jets Saturday night tilt involving two pretty good people.

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