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Once More: College Pig Pick, Bama Will Not “Cover”

November 12, 2016

Whether they win the national title or not, I believe it is safe to say the great University of Alabama football team will not cover the spread in all of its remaining games, (famous last words, right), which with varying degrees of probability could include one or at most two playoff games.

Today in their 10th game of the regular season, Alabama (9-0) and (7-2) vs the spread, is a 29 point, home favorite, vs Mississippi State.

On 4 previous occasions this season I have predicted Alabama not to cover the spread. All four times they DID cover the spread.

Let’s go for 5, Alabama 39 Mississippi State 15.



Feel free to SYMBOLICALLY throw tomatoes after I am wrong again. Ah Mr. Caan’s character in “The Gambler” expressed a similar comment regarding his teaching, not his gambling.

The character got it wrong as he so often did his bets. The teaching was stellar, not so his gambling. In fact the very dangerous opposite.

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