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Fruit Salad Cost, And In Praise (Surprise!) Of The New York City Police Department Part 1

November 12, 2016

Those who read my words and thoughts know they often are of a tangential nature. That word “tangential” alone evokes thoughts.

I believe for a good reason, a certain sexual act is again relevant this week.

My “tangent” which will lead to “man bites dog,” me praising The New York City Police Department, (though “we” have always known their job is thankless and unlike the later law breaking officer in Yonkers, New York, who treated my friend and I so harshly in 1977, perhaps forever damaging my (a completely law abiding citizen, who helps others) opinion of police officers (so much more to say but as the song says I have both said too much and not enough), begins with Beano Cook, who would have cheered the defeat of Hillary Clinton, if not the election of Donald Trump.

We all have levels, be those regarding prejudice (this must be lowered by at least 30 percent and I have ideas, but I digress), sexual talk or stereotyping, but I feel this quip by Beano to not be offensive. I will change the key word(s).

Once I visited him at an expensive New York City hotel, I believe where he was staying for NFL draft coverage. I arrived at his door, at the same time room service had finished delivering a fruit salad order to the room next door.

Beano was never afraid to ask, nor comment. He asked the cost of the fruit salad, this at least 25 years ago. 17 dollars was the answer. Without batting an eyelash, Beano inquired and I changed the word(s) remember, does that include a sexual favor?!!

Now that is a post, but I have “buried the lead” I suppose. My next one will pick up the story and again praise The New York City Police Department, for what I saw and more specifically heard.





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