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“Lonely, I’m Not”

June 2, 2012

I truly liked the play, “Lonely,I’m Not” which stars Topher Grace and Olivia Thirlby as two complicated, troubled people (aren’t we all?!) who hope to find love with each other. Olivia’s “Heather” character lost her eyesight at age 2 and she is beyond driven at work, frequently working on Sundays. Topher Grace, best  known to audiences as Eric Forman on “That ’70s Show” plays a character named Porter a “Ninja” in his day, whose “drive” at work manifested in a nervous breakdown. The chemistry between Grace and Thirlby is great and it is a quite touching story.

The cast also includes Maureen Sebastian, Christopher Jackson, Lisa Emery and Mark Blum, all of whom play at least 2 roles and in most cases three. They include Porter’s father, who is distant and fraudulent and Heather’s protective mother. Another character had introduced Porter and Heather thinking they would hit it off because they were both screwed up. Again, aren’t we all, but these two characters show they are good people, ones to wish well. “Lonely I’m Not” is far from unrealistic and proved a memorable, very good theater experience. It is playing at the Second Stage Theatre.

The day before I saw the show, I heard Topher Grace on the radio show “New York and Company,” hosted by Leonard Lopate. He talked about “making out” with Scarlett Johansson in another Paul Weitz story, “In Good Company.”

After the play, I was flipping channels and happened upon Topher’s Eric kissing Laura Prepon’s character, Donna on “That ’70’s Show. “So Topher gets to kiss these three beautiful women. As I once said to Jack Scalia, who played love scenes with Linda Gray on “Dallas” (Gray and Dallas again starting mid month) “tough work but someone has to do it.”

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