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Los Angeles Perspective

June 4, 2012

This is the Los Angeles Kings’ second appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. In their other appearance, the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Kings in 5 games, winning 3 games in overtime. That was in 1993,the last of the Canadiens’ record 24 titles, when they went (10-1) in overtime games, winning the last 10.

The Kings are (5-0) in overtime and far more impressive are (10-0) on the road in these playoffs. Game 3 of the finals in Los Angeles is on the 44th anniversary of the tragic shooting death of Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles. The Kings had completed their first season and now in their 44th are prohibitive favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

Earlier on the night of Tuesday June 4,1968, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale set a major league record with his 6th consecutive shutout. Senator Kennedy took time during his speech following the California primary to congratulate Drysdale. “Big D” (Drysdale) died of a heart attack in 1993, less than 2 months after the Kings lost in the Stanley Cup finals.

Finally, in the way of Los Angeles sports and perspective, LeRoy Ellis, a valuable reserve on the great Los Angeles Laker’s championship team of 1971-1972, died at the age of 72 last week. Sadly, Ellis is the third member of that great and some say greatest NBA team, that won a major sports league record 33 consecutive games, to pass away. Wilt Chamberlain and Harold “Happy” Hairston also are deceased. “HHH” evokes the name, Hubert Horatio Humphrey, who was the Democratic presidential candidate in 1968. He lost the election to Richard Nixon and the Lakers had a fine 2 Title teams, guard named Norm Nixon. Oh stop me from “wandering” but better to think of trivia and degrees of separation than the RFK senseless killing.

LeRoy Ellis

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