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“Teach Me How To Die” Is A Superb Production

April 20, 2023

Fellow, veteran theatre goer, Barbara Scharf was heard commenting about the superb production “Teach Me How To Die” (now through April 29th at The  Gene Frankel Martel Theatre –24 Bond Street in Manhattan) and in particular, the character development pertaining to the six people, who attended a rather telling master class, that of how to write a suicide note.

Yet the play is so much more, on such a serious topic, which has alarming statistics.

Even that barely touches the complexities of the production based on Lisa Monde’s work.

It is not a “spoiler” at all, to state that the play emphasizes that there are most often, better options than suicide. 

There is a truly outstanding cast. 

Samuel Shurtleff stands out as “Professor Mirrormord,” while Ms. Monde, an award-winning actress and singer, in addition to her truly introspective writing, has a key role as “Poet.” 

Again a superb cast: Scott Lilly, Luke Edward Smith, Robert L. Bradvica, Mark Simmons and Steven J. Harris in main roles, as class participants. 

Nice efforts in multiple roles are turned in by both Cadence Lamb and Thomas R. Gordon. 

Gordon along with Ms. Monde directed. 

It was a truly revealing, entertaining and meaningful performance. 


Click below for more information including that involving tickets purchase. › new york › teach-me-how-to-dieTeach Me How to Die, The Gene Frankel Theatre, New York …


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