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Nuggets And Sixers Up (3-0) In The Prelims

April 22, 2023

In this the same calendar year as 1978, when both the Denver Nuggets in their second NBA season and Philadelphia 76ers advanced to the NBA semis, each team has a (3-0) prelims lead with a pretty likely future as “quarters” underdogs vs Phoenix and Boston, each up (2-1) and huge series favorites, (the latter if it manifests, an “umpteenth” ‘offs clash between those 2 franchises) respectively.

Both the Nuggets (today an Islanders Mc D’s promo, still Carolina up (2-1) yielded 10 nuggets for 2 dollars, I tipped a dollar as I am one of the best in that department, the food is good but not good for you, especially if you “wolf it down” while in the car as I did) and Sixers are (3-0) (3-0) vs the Nets and Timberwolves respectively with #2 Denver and #3 Philly half point “covers,” tough to take (I always “take,” but thank goodness, small).

In ’78, the first of two straight Bullets/SuperSonics NBA final round series manifested when the Bullets, now the Wizards and SuperSonics then in Seattle, and now the Oklahoma City Thunder 6’d the Sixers (say sixed the Sixers 6 times fast even 3 times fast) and Nuggets in the semis.

Click below to view some great plays made by one of the all-time best, David Thompson a long time Denver Nuggets star. › watchDavid Thompson Top 10 Plays of Career – YouTube


David Thompson NC State.jpg

David Thompson, pictured above with North Carolina State, led them to the ’74 NCAA crown.


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