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‘Offs Notes

April 19, 2023

An incredible 40 straight times and maybe more incredible 161 of the last 175 NBA (actual –play in games not included) playoff games, the winning team has also “covered the spread.”

Already (almost every year every ‘offs team loses at least one home tilt) 10 of the 16 teams opening their round of 16/preliminary series at home have lost a game.

In the NHL, 6 of the 8 visiting teams won road opening games.

Meanwhile in the NBA, while home teams Boston, Philly, Sacramento (a pretty big series u/dog, though having home advantage) are up (2-0) and Denver won its opener, top ranked Milwaukee, Cleveland (now (1-1) vs the Knicks), Memphis and Phoenix (now (1-1) vs the L.A. Clippers) lost in their opening home ‘offs game.

Tonight “M” and “M” (ode to Mickey and Roger, the latter more or less disgracefully not in the “Hall”–put it this way, he is far more deserving then a good number of those who are in), Milwaukee and Memphis hope to get even in home #2’s vs “M”iami and the “L”ooming” “L”eBron,”L”ed Lakers respectively.

Click to view Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again ” and again it has been road NHL ‘offs wins again.


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