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Remembering The Great Otis Taylor

March 13, 2023

Add March 9th to “The Ides of March,” in the “beware of” category,  as another great and one I truly admired, Otis Taylor died on that date, days back at the age of 80.

He died having suffered from dementia and without achieving entry to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So many deciding such do not have a clue, never saw Otis play and are far too lazy to do the work that would clearly show he deserved the honor.

In reality, a) why care and b) they really have no clue when it comes to receivers as it took “nearly forever” to get greats Lynn Swann and John Stallworth into that diminished, albeit still place of honor.

Otis was “Big Play,” the wrap up the title, “hitch pass TD” from Len Dawson, who preceded Otis in death by 7 months with their team, the Chiefs, winning a third crown in between, now a month and a day age, making it (23-7) vs the Vikings in the 4th and last AFL/NFL championship game.

There were so many others amidst his great play and Otis and Len might chuckle that one of them, a huge so important one in the last AFL Title Game, a (17-7) win at Oakland vs the Raiders, was a long pass from the shadow of the K.C. goalpost, that pretty clearly was gathered in brilliantly but out of bounds, by Otis.

Then replay, not on the one that nullified Hurts to DaVonta Smith, a key play, again helping the Chiefs (3-0) on the NFL or NFC network, win a Supe.

There were so many other “big plays,” and great moments provided by Otis Taylor.


Maybe it “was” written and now it IS written, the Chiefs won it all in a period of say 7 months in which both Len Dawson and Otis Taylor, two undeniable greats, died.

Click below for more on both in remembering Len “The Cool.”


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