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Remembering Linda

March 11, 2023

This yet– “another blow” and clearly not easy to say, “that’s how it go!”

In brief and with the utmost respect to the wonderful Linda and with condolences to her family, she was an incredible person.

She loved her family and dying so unexpectedly, still young and with so little time having been shared with her three grandchildren, again causes– who the “F” is running this?!

Yet, she as a journalist, among many other assets and good deeds, volunteering to help, would cite and advise–live each day!!

Three years apart and in many ways before and after, she added so much to my life.

My dear friend, be on a seismic adventure and this time the microwave item can wait!

This language has only one word for all kinds of love and with no doubt or hesitation, I say love you, Linda.


Far from “on the corner,” Linda was accomplished, but also gave back so much to those who may have been stuck there.

I know she would chuckle and perhaps will when she realizes she does not have to spell “Czechoslovakia” (ode to St. Peter as well as Dickie Masur and Josh Mostel in “Old Jews Telling Jokes.”) to gain entry into heaven. 

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