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Cryptic Includes “Pepi,” Moreheads and Bobby Caldwell

March 16, 2023

The tournament (64 down) begins today with me not up for it.

It is the 33rd and last for Nantz and as is the case with all of them, his successor also does not thrill me.

Nantz gets to be in “his” Houston for the national semis, with the local Houston Cougars at roughly 6 to 1 the top choice in what seems a wide open event.

Let’s see how little I will watch and I hope not to be too involved.

Elsewhere Joe (Pepitone) you did do proud, a fine player first on pennant winners and then as the once great team faded. Also, unselfishly “doing that,” and I did same, even if unlike then, I am not “zoomed” in.

Morehead State barked at 9 plus to 1 vs Clemson in the N.I.T. (the NCAA event ruined the N.I.T. another reason not to “ga ga” it) but 1– and one no hitter for Dave Morehead, who is 81.

The 3 1978 Guidry losses (give him credit as he won 25!) were to pitchers named Mike, the one on a Friday night to Caldwell was at a time, I thought the Yankees were out of it.

They were not and I still am not. His darkness, ability that is for this society varies greatly with my darkness and unrecognized talent.


Oh ’78 and Bobby Caldwell’s great “What You Won’t Do For Love.”

Bobby died, too young at 71, go easy and I guess I will keep trying.


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