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Regarding Fathers-Mine And Earvin Johnson Sr. , That Died 29 Years Apart

March 10, 2023

Where in the “wide world” of Earvin 42 and “Silk” 37, (cue “Blazing Saddles”), did 29 years go, as that amount of time elapsed from March 8/9, 1994 when my father died and night time March 8th (52 Years multiplied by 52 weeks, could not find a times sign on this =’s 2,704 weeks? since Frazier/Ali, (cue Cosell) “the first time around”) when Earvin Johnson Sr. died at age 88?!!

I will stop with the numbers except to reference May 16, 1980, when in a game televised on delayed tape to most of this country, Johnson Sr’s son Earvin “Magic” Johnson led the Lakers, playing without the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar, to a title clinching win, as at least 8 point underdogs, at Philadelphia, vs the 76ers, in game 6.

I wonder how Mr. Johnson or for that matter my father, followed that game.

As the game progressed and I watched and listened in Howard Johnson’s room 302, to Chick Hearn, calling Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes’ 20 footers, “the layup,” I kept imploring the then, “my” Lakers, to win it for my dad.

Earvin “Magic” talked and always will of his beloved parents Earvin and Christine, the latter still here, her over 60 year marriage over and in referencing his dad-’twas the work ethic instilled, the truck and the building confidence, that Earvin “Magic” cites most often.

I send my condolences to Earvin Jr. and his family, recalling his kind words to me, I believe it was the last time I saw him (day of Lakers vs Sacramento #7 in ’02 when he was to have dinner with Byron Scott, then coaching the Nets still New Jersey, already in the final, in which the Lakers, lucky to have beaten “Sac” and no longer my team, (I liked Bryant, not O’Neal and that is another “exchange” that galls me), would sweep to claim a third straight crown) in reference to the loss of my mother.

Earvin Johnson Sr. who rooted for Wilt, and his son the great player Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. pictured.


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