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Remembering Raquel Welch

February 17, 2023

Raquel Welch, who died days back at age 82, had acting “chops,” attitude and fierce determination.

Much of my “brain toss,” after again swallowing the sobering reminder of life/death, being now much more than original “linemaker” Damon Runyon’s 6 to 5 against us/me, moved to the one time I came “face to face” with Raquel Welch and looked briefly into her outward beauty.

She looked back, said nothing to my “I speak to Jim Brown,” (beyond regrettably, something that has not occurred in some time and I cite that Ms. Welch and activist, athlete and actor Jim Brown had great respect for each other).

Oh well, but somehow it did not bother me, the way it has when others, turned down my requests. 

That evening’s event was a screening of “Myra Breckinridge,” a 1970 film based on the novel penned by the great Gore Vidal, with Farrah Fawcett in the cast. (So were John Huston Rex Reed and Mae West).

Into the lobby that Friday night, and as was the case with me “behind” the so many contemporaries, that “knew” Raquel in their “own” way, it was the aesthetic and not the “possibility,” that moved me so, as Raquel and Farrah were pictured in the promo picture, cuddling in the same bed.

I grew up (as cited before–in many ways, I never did) with television married couples sleeping in separate beds and was “late to the party,” attended by so many my age, with Raquel Welch’s poster from “One Million Years B.C. ,” a central, (pun, maybe intended) piece.

That aspect thankfully “got there” and in a world so replete with ugly, beauty and sex appeal, such as that exuded by Raquel, is a great thing.

Yet, it is the right way, at times with ? attitude, Raquel Welch exhibited, marching through life, setting up so many less deserving and unappreciative, that resonates so intensely and largely in a positive fashion.

I hope she finds both inwardly and outwardly, “better angels” as she treks above.

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