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Better Late Than Never Or After Death, Chuck Howley To Football “Hall”

February 15, 2023

Yay! Finally, the great Chuck Howley has been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I guess my family would have been pleased, had I been a dentist.

Surely, that never materialized however, the “pulling teeth” part has served me in helping so deserving and long overlooked “Hall” candidates Tony Perez, John Stallworth and now Mr. Howley make it.

Chuck, while happy, is pretty old.

Click below for a previous post, calling for Chuck to make the Football Hall of Fame.

Oh and Manfred and Selig, I have it on good authority God will have words with you, regarding your disgraceful stance, (who are you to judge?!!) keeping Pete Rose out of the Baseball place.



Chuck Howley on the left is informed by Roger Staubach in the jacket, that he made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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