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“M’s” Have Triumphed VS Philadelphia Teams In Final Round Entities

February 18, 2023

The city of Philadelphia fell to (17-23) in final round entities when the Chiefs with Patrick “M”ahomes gaining a second Supe crown and MVP award in that game, directing a game winning field goal drive, severely aided and abetted by a second straight year Super Bowl, deciding defensive holding call.

“M” ahomes joins an impressive list of players whose surname or in the case of one two time final round MVP vs Philly, Earvin “M”agic Johnson, nickname that delivered big time vs a Philadelphia team in a final round entity.

Start with the greatest pitching performance in World Series history that of the New York Giants’ Christy “M”athewson, who hurled 3 shutouts vs the Philadelphia Athletics, in the 1905 World Series.

The A’s are all-time (9-5) in World Series play, (5-3) when in Philadelphia.

A second A’s loss while in Philly was led by John “Pepper” “M”artin, who went 12 for 24 at the plate, the dozen hits a record at the time.

I will get back to baseball and 3 becomes operative as thrice an “M” player did great to help sink a Philly final round entity team, but how about football vs the Eagles as another “M”artin, Rod had a game record 3 interceptions for the Oakland Raiders in their (27-10) win vs the Eagles in the ’80 season Supe.

Earlier in the week I cited the fact (on NPR “the fact absolute power corrupts absolutely was simultaneously stated on “Snap Judgment”) the great Chuck Howley finally made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He shares the career int record with Martin and another Cowboys’ player, Larry Brown.

In 1983, 1993 and 2009 an “M” player truly helped his team beat a Philadelphia team in the baseball final/World Series.

I was at an ABC Studio watching their broadcast for both #’s 4 and 5 and in the 5th game on Sunday October 16th (in ’69 W.S. games were Saturday October 11th, Sunday, Tuesday Oct. 14th, Wednesday and concluded on Thursday October 16th with the Mets having won the last 4 to “5” the Orioles) Eddie Murray cracked 2 home runs as his Baltimore Orioles made it 4 straight wins to “5” the Philadelphia Phillies with games having been played on Tuesday October 11th, Wednesday, Friday October 14th, Saturday and as cited above concluded with “M”urray’s 2 H.R. performance leading the O’s, to date last title in their last to date, World Series appearance, nearly 40 years ago in 1983.

Hall of Fame Player Paul Molitor was the World Series MVP when the Toronto Blue Jays repeated as World Series winners, 6′ ing the Phils in the ’93 W.S.

Sixteen years later, the Yankees’ Hideki Matsui, was the MVP as the Yankees won their 27th and to date last title in their to date, last W.S. appearance, 6′ ing the Phils.

The nickname: “Magic,” as in Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who twice was the final entity MVP in Lakers’ 6 game wins vs the Sixers of Philly in ’80 and ’82.

Some turn about: A double “M,” “M”oses “M”alone was the MVP when the Sixers swept the Lakers to win their last NBA crown to date, in 1983. The Lakers went to (3-1) vs Philly in such entities winning in 5 vs the 76ers in what is their last final round entity to date, in 2001.

Back to vs Philly: A great double “M,” “M”ark “M”essier had 2 goals in his Edmonton Oilers’ rout clincher in #5 of the ’85 final.

As is often the case, nobody but me could have come up with this and likely few other than me are that interested. Those who are, see if there are more examples. Thank you.

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