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Please Get Chuck Howley Into The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

November 28, 2019

It is truly a disgrace, that the great linebacker Chuck Howley, is not in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

He is the only player to be named Super Bowl MVP for a losing team (his Cowboys were denied, by the then Baltimore Colts in the 5th Super Bowl).

The next season Howley was brilliant in the decisive Cowboys’ Super Bowl victory, vs the Miami Dolphins.

He seemingly was always near the ball and was part of great Dallas defensive units, as the Cowboys rose to become a great NFL franchise.

Let’s hope Chuck gets into the Hall, it is not on the level of world peace, however, it is long overdue “football justice.”


refer to caption

The great player, Chuck Howley, pictured above.

Click below for a nice article by Chris Picaro, more than echoing my sentiments regarding Chuck Howley, being denied “Hall” status.

Chuck Howley: The Biggest Snub in Hall-of-Fame History

Just (some of) the facts regarding Mr. Howley. From Wikipedia.


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