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Remembering And Always Loving The Great Bobby Hull

February 1, 2023

Let them take the low road, I will take the minimum higher, if not high one, in declaring my love and admiration for the great hockey player and true friend of the fans, Bobby Hull.

Bobby knew what so many celebrities do not, that without the fans, he and so many who got and get so much more, would not have gained such rich, likely undeserved rewards.

They, part of a vicious 24 hour news cycle and its bitter, negative mentality want to cite Hull deficiencies, which even if true, which largely I do not doubt, are to me, more than offset by the fact, nobody, anywhere near as great, took the time with the fans, the great way Bobby Hull did.

The fact so many obituaries of the undeniably great (even by them) hockey player omitted that, is disgraceful and beckons me to as Eve Ensler, now “V,” calls for, give it all a “reckoning.”

However, I will refrain and stay positive, something that has rich soil concerning Hull, the player and rancher, a human with flaws as we all have, (except if you believe the media, Damar Hamlin, that hype and subsequent “anti-ing” still hurts (Jalen and another in the Supe), named Bobby Hull.

The obvious: he scored 610 NHL goals, 300 plus more in the WHA, and was the first player to score more than 50 goals in a season. (Before Bobby, greats-Maurice “Rocket” Richard and Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion had tallied 50. “Good samaratarian-ing” at a store, I will not cite, and my heart and brain filled with thoughts of Bobby–the so much fun “Bobby Hull Hockey Game” included, I noticed “Boom Boom” meatballs, perhaps Bobby’s slap shot heading my way as a reminder). 

I will show it below and hope it stays here as tribute, the marvelous moment and those just after, including an interview with the “there for the moments” Bob Wolff. my broadcasting teacher. (Mr. Wolff, who put my tape in the Smithsonian Institute  was “there” to call Larsen’s “perfecto” and Ameche’s OT title clincher, among other great sports moments).

That, plus game winning goals in #’s 5 and 7 of a great cross over “semi” Hull and his Chicago Blackhawks won in 7 vs the Rangers in ’71, only to be denied in #7 vs Henri Richard and Montreal, in the great, classy, no blemishes, Jean Beliveau’s last game.

I have written before and gone over and over, that the “pain” of that (my team) Chicago loss, has been offset by the fact, one as great, as Mr. Beliveau deserved to go out as a champion. 

Hull did “title” with the Blackhawks in 1961, a little before my time. 

I never met Bobby nor “titled” with him. It broke my heart when he went to the WHA and amidst Dr. Ike, he who immitated Mr. Dryden’s immortal save on Jim Pappin to save/at least avoid a late, late tie score and almost certain overtime in ’71, winning ’76 crowns, I claimed, amidst my drought, an “offbeat” WHA Winnipeg Jets crown, citing Bobby Hull one of my original sports heroes (Ali, Sandy Koufax, Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain being the others, later I added Bobby Orr and Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Jerry West as others)  was on the team, 1976 crown. 

That evokes both laughter, long gone comradery and sadness for many reasons, most relevant the ridiculous importance I and so many others place on sports.

In closing this a long and not enough of a tribute to Bobby, whose strides along the ice and incredible combination of speed and power matched only by Mickey Mantle, another hero whose greatness far outweighed his flaws, save the fact his attitude with fans bothers me more than was noted when he died, now nearly 28 years ago, made fans stand literally and figuratively in awe. 

Oh to be young again and playing the levered, so much better than video games, Bobby Hull Hockey, with my friends again.

The judgment on Hull,  is clearly not for the many who knocked him, “mainlining” his flaws not FACING(off) #’s 5 and 7 of that great ’71 semi and also not noting what came to me regarding Bobby Hull and the fans.

Mr. Hull waited and stood, delaying the “Chi” team bus outside the old Garden (Madison Square Garden and surely other venues around the glorious old, 6 team NHL) until EVERY fan had an autograph and meaningful interaction with him.

Finally, once during a Bobby Hull Hockey Game, two played vs each other, one Dr. Ike and the whether or not, the yes and no at one apiece and I abstained, God or G-d (see I do “cover” myself a bit hope for better but …. wonder regarding much on this earth and in my life) exists.

Their game ended in a tie. (Remember ties, getting rid of them for a reg season shootout is another mistake based on sell out). 

Nobody, certainly not me, knows, but I feel God and final judgment regarding Bobby Hull will be as a marvelous creation of speed, power and patience with the fans. 

By the way, those inclined, take a walk around the block!! 


Bobby Hull Chex card.jpg

The great Bobby Hull pictured above. 


So great! Bruce Martyn, now 93, called Hull’s 50th, likely Lloyd Pettit on Hull’s record breaking 51st that ’65-’66 season. The subsequent Bob Wolff interview with Bobby.

Go easy Bobby and again to offset some of my so pro Bobby, those inclined, take a walk around the block. 

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