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Philadelphia/Kansas City ‘offs Notes Commence

January 31, 2023

The two Super Bowl participant cities, Philadelphia and Kansas City have a combined 6 major sports league teams, four in Philadelphia.

All 6 have an even number of league titles, which of course will change when either the Eagles a current 2 point favorite–(“it” opened K.C. “2”), win a 5th NFL crown or the Chiefs of K.C. win a third.

The other teams, as is the above cited case with the Chiefs, have 2 crowns apiece in their current cities.

Philly’s other 3 teams, the baseball Phillies, in 118 possibilities I believe and by the way, basketball 76ers (in Philly, Dolph Schayes led them to the ’55 NBA crown when the franchise was the Syracuse Nationals) and NHL Flyers have two apiece.

Both Kansas City teams, the above cited Chiefs, whose titles were 50 years apart in 1969 and 2019 and baseball Royals, their titles being 30 years apart in ’85 and 2015, also have two titles apiece.

In the lone Philly vs K.C. previous post-season meeting, ’twas a final round entity as well, the Phils with the great and still not in the Hall, Pete Rose a key member, 6’d the Royals to win the 1980 World Series.


Pete Rose 2008.jpg

The great Pete Rose, still shamefully denied entry into the so tarnished baseball “Hall,” is pictured above.

His father Pete played for an earlier and lower level Cincinnati Bengals team.

Injustice again must be noted, as some very poor and unfortunate circumstances and mistakes again denied a hard luck Bengals franchise, still sans title and again on the wrong end of a close and questionable, ‘offs loss.

Pete’s mom was named LaVerne, spelled differently than the fictional “Laverne,” played on the television show, “Laverne and Shirley,” by Penny Marshall.

In citing Laverne/Penny, sadly, news came that Cindy Williams, who played “Shirley,” has died.

Hopefully Penny and Cindy are doing things “their way” in a better place, one with grace, a “land” with such and not the disGRACE again perpetuated, this time in Memphis, Tennessee by uniformed officials.

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