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Some Television Notes

February 2, 2023

Yesterday, a day after the “infamy” of lopsided attacks on Bobby Hull by so many, (one day I will reveal, but again take the higher road), some notes came to mind watching MeTV.

In an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, David White later a pretty unfair boss but still a reasonable human on Bewitched played a sinister win at all cost boss.

It was just over 5 years before her turn on “The Munsters” began in September 1964, that the beautiful Yvonne DeCarlo portrayed 19th century actress “Lotta” Crabtree on the first episode of “Bonanza.”

Ms. DeCarlo was actually a year older than my late friend, the iconic Al Lewis who played her grandfather. Lewis was told he was too old to play a 300 year old man when denied sequel opportunities.


Yvonne DeCarlo, as “Lotta” Crabtree on the first  episode of “Bonanza” that aired on a Saturday not the so often later on Sunday, September 12, 1959.



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