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Conference “1” Seeds, Eagles And Chiefs, Respectively Advance To A Home Title Tilt And Either A 5th Straight Such Or Sadly, “A”n “A”t “A”tlanta Neutral One

January 22, 2023

In the 209th and 210th “slots” tilts played yesterday (after today 212 such games will have been played and on 2/12, 214 years after Mr. Lincoln’s birth a Roman Empire event, the 57th Supe will “unite” millions in the union as viewers), subsequent to the Kansas City Chiefs (-9) (27-20) win vs Jacksonville (Jaguars), the Philly Eagles dropped the Giants to (0-4) in Saturday ‘offs tilts,(they are (25-22) on Sundays, their last 2 Saturday “slots”/div round losses were by a combined (82-10) score), winning (38-7) as 7 plus points favorites.

Thus the Eagles will play a home title game/NFL “semi” for the second time in 5 years/6 seasons, hoping to continue on a path to a second title in 5 years, which if it occurs, would mark the first time in 88 possibilities (first NFL title game was in 1933, thus it is (1934-2022) but no World Series in ’94, yielding 88 possibilities) that the same baseball and football teams, won titles, the significant #, 5/FIVE years apart, the Houston Astros already having won it it all in ’17 and ’22.

Philly advanced to what will be their 8th NFC Title Game and 6th at home. (They are (3-4) in the previous, (3-2) at home).

Four of those Eagles’ title tilts, three being losses, (2001-2003 before a win in 2004) were under current K.C. Chiefs coach, Andy Reid, who yesterday guided his team to a 5th straight title game.

The previous 4 were home title games for Reid’s Chiefs and this still might and no matter what ought to have been a fifth, but when “Jesus Christ,” I mean “DAM”ar Hamlin (glad he is ok and wish I had bought toys stock) fell, the league eventually “screwing” the Bengals also (you check the details and recall Cincy led (7-3) with the pig, when Hamlin fell) and now possibly K.C. by “Decreeing”-(cue the Roman Emperor) that K.C/Buffalo would be at neutral Atlanta.

Oddly and to be fair, Buffalo did win at K.C. in the “reg,” and would have been the “1” if a win in that cancelled “at Cincy” tilt had manifested, I feel Buffalo would have gone into K.C. and “avenged” a horrible slots loss there last season. (Memo to Mc Dermott, who messed up kicking deep in that just referenced loss, giving Mr. Mahomes, (with “Henne Help” got the Chiefs through yesterday, despite a sprained ankle), enough time, you did same near the half’s end vs “Mia” last week.. Stop doing it!!

In “slot 4,” which for a 5th straight year and the foreseeable future has a 6:30 or later Eastern Time start, Dallas is a 4 point dog in a record tying 9th ‘offs clash vs the S.F. 49ers (Dallas vs Rams and Niners vs Packers also have 9 ‘offs occurrences).

If the end game view is of a happy Jerry Jones, (not either a pretty and certainly not a necessary sight), it will be the Cowboys’ first “slots or better” win, since Barry Switzer guided a no cover, ’95 season, Supe win vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Love the Switzerland neutrality. That is not the case regarding a “neutral” AFC title tilt, a week hence. 

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