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Bengals And 49ers Same ‘Offs Day Success Again

January 24, 2023

The Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers, both won for the 5th time (each team is (6-1) on those days) in 7 possibilities, on days each team had an ‘offs game. (Each team won a Sunday “div” game in ’81 and a Saturday “such” last season. Both won title tilts in ’81 and ’88).

S.F. is (7-0) ATS (against the spread) playing an ‘offs game on the same day, as the Bengals, winning a wild card game at Green Bay after the Chargers won such a game at Cincinnati in ’13 and losing by 3 as 3 plus point(s) dogs at the Rams last year. That 3 point loss, followed Cincy, “barking” as a 7 point or so, underdog at K.C. in the AFC Title game.

Next, each team is less than a field goal underdog, as the visiting team in title games/NFL “semis,” 5 days hence.

“Cincy” will travel to play at Kansas City, in the AFC Title Game for the second straight season. It marks just the third time teams are playing for a Super Bowl berth in the same place, a second straight season. (All 3 involve AFC Title games, the previous such being the Steelers beating the Houston Oilers at Pittsburgh in both ’78 and ’79 and after New England won at home, no covering the Baltimore Ravens in ’11–the Ravens won at New England in ’12).

That note “covers” (each title tilt this week has a low line, K.C. with a ? Mahomes at “the station,” is just (-1) and home standing Philly is less than 3) 104 possibilities. (’71-2022). (It was not possible for the 37 NFL (’33-’69) and 10 AFL (’60-’69) title games to be held in the same locale for two straight seasons as the leagues, a la baseball alternated by entity, the game sites each season).

Why it bothered me so much I do know, but realization sets in and into my account that I “paid” for the emotions, as I did not want “Hamlin hype Buffalo.” 5 letters/6 letters, but again and for hopefully the last time and let Hamlin be well, not Jesus Christ, was there as Cincy ripped Buffalo, handing them just their second NFL playoffs home loss.

S.F. got 4 Robbie Gould field goals and Dak Prescott was awful in the Niners’ (19-12) win vs Dallas, “avenging” a heartbreaking loss 50 years ago, in the two team’s only other “slots” game.

It was a record tying 9th time (Dallas/Rams and S.F./Green Bay) that S.F. and Dallas met in the ‘offs.

Now the Niners and Philadelphia Eagles will meet in the playoffs for only the second time. (S.F. won a home wild card round game vs the Eagles in ’96).

Later this week some Philly/S.F. and Cincy/K.C. playoffs history in the major North American sports leagues.


Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon, pictured above, was a big factor in the Bengals’ (27-10) win at Buffalo.

Unlucky 13, a scant 8 days after a Friday the 13th?

As stated the Bills were (13-1) in home NFL playoff games. The Packers were (13-0) in such games, before being “wild card rounded” by the Atlanta Falcons on a Saturday night in ’02.


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