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A.F.C. Update

December 29, 2022

A tilt that is a redux of the “same calendar” 1988 AFC Title game won by Cincy, before their second Supe loss to the S.F. 49ers, will match the (12-3), current top seed, Buffalo Bills and the (11-4), current “3” seed, Cincinnati Bengals in a key, “seedings determining,” game Monday night.

The Kansas City Chiefs also (12-3) (however, “Buff” won at “K.C.”-where they lost in the “semis” in ’20 and in an unforgettable heartbreaker in the “quarters” last season, earlier in the year and ergo have the tiebreaker vs the Chiefs, at least in a 2 way tie), are the current “2” seed,but also lost at Cincy, to whom they lost in their home 2021 title tilt, earlier this season. 

In unfortunate similarity with the South in the NFC, the South “div” in the A.F.C. is extremely weak.

The winner and AFC “4” seed will be the winner of the “reg” finale, in which current (7-8) teams Tennessee (Titans) and Jacksonville (Jaguars) clash in “Jax,” next week.

It is quite possible it will be the “flexed”/NBC/alliterative “T”irico “t”ilt (Syracuse is a big underdog vs Minnesota at Yankee Stadium today in a game, almost with polar opposite importance, to the ’58 title game played just south of there at another Yankee Stadium site, 64 years ago yesterday.– The  Giants, who lost that classic game to the Colts, can wrap up an unexpected ‘offs berth, likely going off as a touchdown “fave,” vs the Colts in their “Jersey” corporate named stadium on Sunday).

Elsewhere, regarding the A.F. C. the Ravens, who play where the ’58 Colts once did, namely Baltimore, are in the ‘offs with a (10-5) record and can win the AFC North if they win their “flexed” home tilt vs barely alive (7-8) Pittsburgh Sunday night and at Cincy in the “reg” finale. They also would win the “div” and likely be the AFC “3” seed, if both they and Cincy lose this week and “Balt” prevails at Cincy (the two cities met in the ’70 World Series that was referenced by the fine author Evan Weiner in his talk about the 1919 World Series) in the regular season finale. 

Last season the L.A. once San Diego and in their first season which resulted in an AFL runner-up finish L.A. as well, Chargers were denied ‘offs entry (Pittsburgh got in via the rival Raiders’ help, all part of the say 51 seasons inclusive Steelers/Raiders “stuff” highlighted and intensified by two things Franco last week, namely his unfortunate death and remembrance of the team’s Slot 1 clash in ’72) when the Raiders playing not for the “safe” tie, kicked a field goal to eliminate the Chargers in an overtime/last NBC “reg” for Al Michaels (so glad Amazon, the stock down, hurting me, but Bezos(es) do not lose, has bad games in their “Alfalfa” led, pay extra streams).

This year, the (9-6) Chargers are in the ‘offs, likely to be a 5 or 6 seed, with wild card round sojourns to Cincy, Balti,? Buffalo, K.C. Jax and Tennessee possible. 

Only one ‘offs spot is up for grabs with Miami at (8-7) but needing 2 wins to assure a berth that appeared so likely weeks back.

A trio of (7-8) teams, the Pats (in with 2 wins-they host Mia and are (-2 plus) and visit Buffalo (look ahead is Bills (-9 plus), Jets (in with wins at (7-8)/still in the NFC ‘offs race/Seattle (Seahawks) and at Miami if New England loses either remaining game and Pittsburgh (Steelers) needing not quite the miracle/gift from the Raiders they got last season, (they need wins at “Balti” and vs (6-9) Cleveland (expansion of 1999 Browns) plus a Jets loss to Seattle, a Jets win vs Miami and New England to beat Miami and then lose to Buffalo. 


Click above to view Alan Ameche’s title winning touchdown in ’58, with  Bill McColgan, calling the final play in excellent fasion. 

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