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Pele, An Unbelievable Great, Gone, However, Memories Will Endure

December 30, 2022

“Pelé is one of the few who contradicted my theory,” Andy Warhol once said. “Instead of 15 minutes of fame, he will have 15 centuries.”

The above is included in Pele’s obituary in The New York Times and truly is appropriate as his greatness and allure will endure.

In my post from April 2014, (a link is in this post) I cited Mr. Pele’s unbelievable, great accomplishments, including those in World Cup play.

Pele played on 3 World Cup champions with his country, Brazil. 

I met him once and he was charming, vivacious and truly courteous to all. 

A picture with him is one I treasure. Down the long road, I will show it.


Pele by John Mathew Smith.jpg 

So many greats, now another, gone from the earth. Certainly Pele pictured above, was one of the greatest of them all!


Book Review: “Pele Why Soccer Matters” on April 23, 2014

Click below to view (I think on YouTube) 5 of Pele’s greatest goals in World Cup competition. Three are from 1970 and two took place in 1958, each years that Brazil won The World Cup.


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