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Seedings Stay The Same, Eagles “Still The One” Alas Face New “ORLEANS “

December 27, 2022

The NFL seedings are “still the same” (cue Bob Seger) with the and forgive this “stretch,” the (13-2) Philly Eagles “still the one” seed, with a game vs New Orleans (Orleans scored with “You’re Still The One”) this week, in which a Philly win as a current, near TD “fave” vs the still in it, but needing mucho to go their way (7-8) Saints, would clinch the top spot.

It is “still” (12-3) Minne (Vikings), (they won for at least the 6th time on a last play positive, in this case a 61 yard field goal by Curtis Joseph, his 5th game winning field goal (see Philly’s 60 plus “job” vs the Giants in their ’17/57 year/56 seasons title drought ending season), as the NFC “2,” up a fraction of a game, on (11-4) S.F. (49ers), the current “3”

TB/TB despite poor play, remain the likely “4” after “a never bet/it was Christmas night/no other game why not try even 10 cents?!! on “Tie/Tie”) win (-7 plus)– (19-16) in overtime, vs Arizona.

Dallas (Cowboys would be fav’d at “4” T.B. or any other from the woeful NFC South)) bet (plus 1 to menos 6 to close -4 plus) won by 6 vs Philly, and is the very likely “5” seed.

Carolina and aforementioned “Orleans” are the other teams from that “div” still with ‘offs qualification hopes.

Despite the tough loss at Minne, the (8-6-1) Giants are very likely NFC “6” seeds. (7-7-1) Wash is in and at least also likely the “7” seed,if they win their remaining tilts, each at home, first vs (6-9) Cleveland and then somewhat likely vs a “locked into the “5” seed,” Dallas team.

Green Bay’s comeback win on Christmas Day, if nothing else gets Nantz, by far the best of the lead announcers, a good game going in after enduring a rout involving 2 out of contention teams on Christmas Day (I noted the two day after Christmas Monday title tilts and the two losing teams in those games, the Packers in ’60 and the Rams (who titled in ’51 and scored 51, as an “out of it” team last week, in a the above referenced Nantz Christmas Day game), in ’55 won last week on Christmas Day), when Minne visits Green Bay in a late afternoon game on New Year’s Day/Sunday.

Green Bay, Detroit and Seattle are all (7-8), the Pack host the Lions in the “reg” finale on January 8th and if they win both remaining tilts and Wash loses at least 1, I believe “despite all that—) Rodgers and G.B. get in the ‘offs.

Later this week our first look at the AFC in a while.


Click above to hear Bob Seger’s “Still The Same.”

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