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Rattlesnake References

October 5, 2022

On this Yom Kippur, with all of “W”ball set, (thus each game played on this holiday has been rendered meaningless–so much for 12 teams in), I cite that creature of “lost Eden,” (Barbara Eden is certainly a great creation), the snake, specifically the “rattler,” cited three times as I “tv-remoted”/”You Tubed” yesterday.

On “The Rifleman,” 3 P.M. Eastern Time on MeTV, Chuck Connors’ Lucas is stuck with a rattlesnake in his “bedroll,” I guess sleeping bag.

Later in the fine 1985 film, “La Bamba,” Lou Diamond Phillips/Los Lobos/Ritchie Valens/Ritchie Valenzuela (of Fernando) introduces the song “La Bomba” as a Rattlesnake.

Finally as greats Orson Welles and John Carson discussed the glory and vastness of older radio, Mr. Welles imparted regarding a time that a rattlesnake was “loose” in the studio.


Barbara Eden Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts - FactsFive

Now 91, Barbara Eden is pictured above.



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