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Reverse Redux Results

October 3, 2022

The alliterative above, (somewhere in my watch limited television, a female character declared strong opposition to alliteration in the last week) refers to the 5 Conference title rematches played on Sunday.

In each one, the team that lost the title tilt between those teams won Sunday’s 4th game of the season, obviously a far less meaningful result.

For the record and this is unofficial as I may have erred (please note it as I do care, separating me from so many others), the (2-2) Jets lost the ’10 AFC title tilt but rallied to win yesterday at now (1-3) Pittsburgh (Steelers).

In the ’15 NFC title game, Carolina (Panthers) eased vs the Arizona Cardinals, yesterday, however, ’twas (2-2) ‘Zona winning at (1-3) Carolina.

The Denver Broncos won an M and M (I guess I can have them (M and M’s–on “my” yogurt) same calendar 1977,home AFC title game vs the then defending champion Oakland Raiders (Miller “Red M and M ing Madden (John). Yesterday in “Sin City” the L.V. Raiders went to (1-3) topping (2-2) Denver.

Early yesterday in London, England in the first ever NFL tilt there sans Queen Elizabeth on this earth, the (3-1) Minne Vikings survived vs the (1-3) Saints, winning on that so important “3.” (Later in a non title tilt redux, (3-1) Buffalo (Bills) did the same at (2-2) Baltimore (Ravens) and by the way if the Jets had not rallied, in some places it would have been a third on the “3,” as someone is getting rich but that will never be me. Cue “Fiddler’s” (a version is playing in New York) “If I Were A Rich Man.”

Anyway the Saints in route to the ’09 title beat Minne by, you guessed it 3 in the NFC title tilt.

Finally, in two, “2” year NFC title tilts in both ’72 and strike marred ’82, Washington took the Dallas Cowboys. Yesterday (3-1) Dallas, (3-0) sans Prescott, beat disappointing (1-3) Wash. (The 5/10 is off to this point regarding “Wash” as that franchise titled 85, 80, 40 and 35 years ago).

Tonight is a redux of two past NFC title tilts the Niners winning at home vs the Rams in ’89 and the Rams doing so also at home vs S.F. last year.


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