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More “2” Year Title Game Notes

October 7, 2022

Two weeks back it was cited here that there were three “2” year, AFC Conference title game rematches played.

In those tilts, Miami (Dolphins) a ’92 title tilt home losing team won at home vs the Bills and the Titans also the losing team, albeit at the Raiders in the ’02 AFC Title game, won at home vs the now Las Vegas Raiders.

Playing again at New England and again Belichick has slipped well out of Lombardi range with some terrible coaching strategy, Baltimore (Ravens) repeated their 2012 AFC title game win vs the then defending AFC champion, Patriots.

Last week Dallas (Cowboys) the losing team in consecutive “2” year NFC title tilts in ’72 and ’82, each at Washington D.C.–won at home vs “Wash” last week.

On Sunday, another “2” year AFC title game redux, this from the ’82 game won by Miami (Dolphins) on a ?-able home field, with A.J. Duhe starring in that strike season AFC title tilt vs the New York Jets. Two days hence (3-1) Miami visits the (2-2) Jets, who are (2-0) on the road and thus (0-2) at home.

Early on Sunday, a 196″2″ NFL title game redux, not only not at venerable Yankee Stadium where it was played that bitter cold day, but also not at City Field, now Lambeau Field in Green Bay. It is not even at Milwaukee where the Packers played more than one ‘offs game nor at either “New Jersey” Giants’ home stadium.

No, it is in London, England, a pair of (3-1) teams, the Pack(-8) vs the Giants.

Of course it is another “2” year title tilt redux, this of an all the way NFL title game. In that ’62 game “G.B.” prevailed (16-7) and click below to view Ray Nitschke of the Pack on “What’s My Line” that Sunday night.


It is hard to see, my tears “burning” in my eyes, as I was unaware Vaughn Meader was the mystery guest that night. 

Oh we all are to be “was,” but WHY so soon regarding the so talented Mr. Meader and of course the man he “most sincere form of “flattery’d,” John F. Kennedy. 

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