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“I pondered, weak and weary,” why do the Ravens win /try so hard to win exhibition games

August 28, 2022

Last night the Baltimore Ravens (-5) won (17-15) vs Wash to extend their exhibition game win skein to 23, 4 more than the previous record set by Green Bay (Packers) from )1959-1962).

Why win these games and why does Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh “cliche it” in regard to the positive in winning such tilts.

Last year in the record setting game, Dobbins a fine Ravens running back was injured, last night another player, not to mention mascot Poe, who left the field.

The Pack won 2 NFL crowns and played in 3 NFL title games in the span of their streak, Baltimore has yet to play in one during this streak.

Looking ahead, I almost pick the Ravens in their “div,” by a process of elimination (I do not see good things ahead for the others, especially Cincy which was “held” back from a title last season.

“Wash” on the other hand, will surprise and improve, perhaps a great deal.

Certainly the 5/10 year title anniversary “thing”/karma is there as the franchise won titles 85 and 80 years ago led by the great Sammy Baugh and also were crowned NFL champions in strike marred 1982 and 1987 seasons under Joe Gibbs. You do the math.

I posted the post below last year at this approximate time.

Some Thoughts On The Ravens Winning 20 Straight Exhibition Tilts


Poe Park, named for poet Edgar Allen Poe, located in Bronx, New York and pictured above. 

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