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Some Thoughts On The Ravens Winning 20 Straight Exhibition Tilts

August 29, 2021

Last night, not far from “Balti,” in “D.C.” the Baltimore Ravens KO’d ALL Wash “weases” including mine, romping to a (37-3) win that was the 20th straight exhibition “such” one more than the Packers won in succession, under the legendary Vincent T. Lombardi from (’59-’62).

John Harbaugh, he “ain’t” no Vince Lombardi (by the way Popeye’s excellent, unhealthy chicken sandwich beckoned and I stopped at the New Jersey Turnpike “Lombardi stop” and there are great pictures there to admire. They include Bart having gone over, Chuck Howley in the picture and a) put Howley in the Hall you idiot, uninformed voters and b) what gives Chris Carter, a baby who cried that it took him 2 years to make the Hall when it took the far better, multi time title team members John Stallworth Lynn Swann and Art Monk much longer, to ask Julian Edelman, who deserves it, if he belongs there. Why do I let my skin crawl regarding this or even that the intolerable to me and many others, Stephen A. Smith and Judge Judy make obscene amounts of money while I struggle and others have no food, shelter, health insurance or some dastardly combinations thereof?!! Just go on with your life, I say to myself after that RANT!!) does have a Supe win despite a terrible goal line decision in that tilt vs his brother’s 49ers. (you thought I would not rip Jim, the brother, just look at the record, but Michigan always has talent and I certainly would go over their win total this season. Leave it at that.)

In the previous 4 seasons inclusive of the 20 straight exhibition wins, the Ravens have failed to win as much as a slots/division round game, falling in Saturday night/slot 2 tilts the last two seasons. The home loss in ’19 was as a big “fave” and the AFC one seed. That opened the door for Andy Reid to finally win a title.

Lombardi’s Pack, by the way stopped by “The College All-Stars” (there was such a game) in ’63, went on to win 4 more exhibition tilts vs NFL teams. More important in that (’59-’62) span encompassing their 19 straight wins, they played in NFL “all the way” title tilts in the last 3 of those seasons, winning the last two.

The “MLW Guy” texted a good note regarding Baltimore teams with 19 game streaks this past week, the lowly Orioles losing 19 before winning vs the Angels in an Ohtani start and the aforementioned 19 now 20 straight exhibition wins for the Ravens.

Baltimore did not escape unscathed losing running back Dobbins to injury and that likely is more telling than the 20 straight wins. We shall see.

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