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Remembering Len “The Cool” Dawson

August 26, 2022

A tremendous titles (the “all the way” ’62 AFL and ’69 season Super Bowl) winning quarterback and truly good man, Len Dawson, died days back at age 87.

The memories, so many good ones flow.

Nothing would shock, even surprise me about corruption in football, however it was another Dawson and not Leonard as Coach Stram addressed him in congratulatory fashion after KC (plus 11) (23-7) vs Minnesota (Vikings) in the 4th one.

Len Dawson had endured the cloud all week, the hype then as now.

Anyway, that was his greatest moment he combining with the great, (still inexplicably not in the football “Hall,”) Otis Taylor, for the wrap up touchdown play as the Chiefs made it two straight for the the 10 year old AFL (Jets plus 18–(16-7) vs the Baltimore Colts the year before), justifying? the merger, which though certainly Dawson and K.C. and the no title until ’76 Raiders did-I do not know about the rest, injuries to Joe Namath, the Jets quarterback a factor).

The franchise was still in Dallas as the Texans when they won in the second overtime vs the two time AFL champion Houston Oilers in 1962. Then in the AFL’s 4th season, fateful 1963, they became the Kansas City Chiefs.

They lost (35-10) to Green Bay in the first Supe, as cited bounced back to win the 4th and their last real glory with Len, Otis and that great defense was in defeat in a great Christmas Day/Slot 2, double overtime game vs Miami (Dolphins). 

There was Len’s consecutive pass completion streak, his great statistical ranking, his days as a commentator and other.

I choose an iconic photo of Len at the half of that first Supe, before it was called the Super Bowl and with K.C. only down (14-10). 

More important, Len Dawson, a true gentleman, came over and talked about Marty Glickman as I had journeyed to Chiefs at Jets, for the purpose of a tribute to Marty show, in 1992.


The hole or as ’69 season/Chiefs title winning coach, Henry “Hank” Stram called it “the soup,” we are in, needs a Len Dawson pass play or two and maybe from above, where he always stood, Len “The Cool” Dawson can provide. (Alas do not hold your breath.)

Yes, do mot hold your breath, but recall Len to Glouster Richardson to get out of the hole in route to (13-6) vs the defending champion Jets and to Otis Taylor (likely Otis was out of bounds) in the last AFL title game win at the Oakland Raiders. Then the Supe win,  NFL Films and the “mic’d” Mr. Stram. 

Another alas: “Where’s Bobby Stein?” and where did it all go?! Have a cigarette and a Fresca Len, they can not hurt you now.


Maybe at that 1970 point in time the AFL had not yet “caught up,” but oh did they ever in 2 straight AFL/NFL title clashes.

Joe Namath and Len Dawson combined for only 1 touchdown pass, (that to the great, still not in the football “Hall,” Otis Taylor and 3 offensive TD’s (Jim Turner and Jan Stenerud in consecutive years each booted 3 field goals and the Jets and Chiefs defense held the Colts and Vikings to just one touchdown), but oh the cool and efficiency of each in those great victories.

Click below Len to Otis with some John Facenda narration and Chiefs’ network words.



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