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Some Baseball Notes

July 31, 2022

The American League won 7 straight World Series from (1947-1953). Only once did the National League ever win as many as 4 straight in the once Fall Classic.

That 4 game N.L. World Series win skein was from (1979-1982).

L.A. in what eventually was a down to the last day, second place finish to the Giants in 1971, leads Atlanta by an (11-0) or (12-0) score in its last home tilt on September 19th.

The Dodgers Bobby Valentine flies out to Atlanta Right Fielder Dusty Baker. Score it (9), correct?!

In years ending in 0, 1 and 2 a la the 4 straight N.L. W.S. wins, Valentine in “0” year, 2000 and Baker in 1 year, 2021 and 2 year, 2002 are the managers of the losing World Series team, Baker with the A.L. once N.L. Astros last year in 2021.

Who but me, but we did not want obituaries numbering 3. Not in succession!

However, we lost the greatest winner in North American sports and so much more, mostly good even great, but not all, when the truly superb,Bill Russell passed away today. Much more on “Russ,” in the days to come.

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