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Beano Yelling From Above: “You Have To Be Willing To Lose”

March 20, 2022

I am “surprised” you can not hear the late, great sports personality and my friend, Beano Cook yelling (at me) from above, repeating his axiom, “you have to be willing to lose.”

Now this entails anti-betting, something Beano “practiced,” me having no bracket, and a much needed and advised restriction on betting “mucho,” however, I as usual, have messed up the proverbial — dream, which leaves one quite unfulfilled, to say the least.

I was “R’d,” thinking Robeson (Paul or Paul Jr.), Ryan/Rutgers when it was Notre Dame in the more $$$, so called play in game.

Then Notre Dame, which denied Alabama football crowns on the field in ’73 and ’74 and via some unfair voting in ’66 and ’77, eliminated them in the NCAA Tournament Friday afternoon past. (The Tide did “stem” that, those Notre Dame wins still hurt, especially ’73 and ’77, as Notre Dame “claimed” it/the college MYTHICAL title those years, with wins vs Notre Dame to win the ’12 title and a no cover (Beano would have loved that one, cashing his Notre Dame plus points bet while they lost) in a 2020 “semi,” in route to another crown).

Elsewhere, I knew “they” would not allow Baylor, relatively obscure Baylor, to win the title in 2 straight seasons. Yet somehow I “did” almost nothing on North Carolina’s overtime win vs them.

Baylor showed much in being a “1” seed and coming back from a 25 point, second half deficit to force overtime. Credit North Carolina, which now has a ’68 title game redux vs U.C.L.A. in the round of 16, for regrouping and easing in the overtime.

Next there is Michigan, which first won as a small “fave,” vs Colorado State and then took out Tennessee yesterday, barking as a decent sized “dog.”

After the game, “Mich” coach and member of the underachieving/over rated so called “Fab 5” (want to credit Michigan and/then why not the Steve “Mr. Science” coached ’89 title team, the lone undisputed “Blue” title since at least 1948. That year also was the last time Cleveland, (until this year the Indians and now (2-0) in exhibition as the Guardians–you can bet on that stuff. I believe the great Walter Matthau did and I do, but say 2 “little/little” dollars “per”) won the World Series), Jawan Howard consoled “Tenn” player Kennedy Chandler. That is good but does not offset grabbing a  Wisconsin assistant coach earlier this year. (By the way, if Ohio State prevails as a 5 point(s) or so underdog vs Villanova today, it will be a hyped (much) Ohio State vs Michigan “round of 16” clash.

Last, but certainly not least, Saint Peter’s, cited here Friday for its upset of “2” seed Kentucky, “barked” plus 8 vs Murray State, “rhyming” as just the third “15” seed (no 16 seed has gone that far, only Maryland Baltimore County has won a tournie game as such) to make the “16,” (Oral Roberts in 2020 and Florida Gulf Coast in ’13 being the others). They will face the winner of today’s Purdue/Texas game.


Walter Matthau - 1952.jpg

The superb actor, Walter Matthau, pictured above.




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  1. LOVE your Beano posts. It sounds like you knew him well. I am wondering if you are aware that I was able to finish his autobiography, “Haven’t They Suffered Enough?”

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