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Saint Peter’s Shocks Kentucky/Other First Round Notes

March 18, 2022

“Stone” said it best as I walked after the excellent show “Paradise Square,” when I informed him that I thought Saint Peter’s had shocked Kentucky, which they had–as intermission ended it looked like (85-79) Saint Peter’s in OT and it was–asking had Elnardo Webster, a St. Peter’s star 50 plus years ago, been given more playing eligibility.

As good a win as it was for 15 seed, Saint Peter’s, it was a higher level bad loss for “Ken,” and its over rated, under achieving coach, John Calipari.

Elsewhere 2021 finalists and 2022 one seeds, defending champion, Baylor and runner up Gonzaga won, the former covering, the latter not doing so.

I watched none save a second around Twilight Zone (“Leather Jackets,” another commentary on the sad fact humans so often hate and wage war time, 12:35 A.M. Eastern Time) seeing the eventual Murray State (menos 2 plus) 5 point overtime win vs the Dons of San Francisco (ode to Bill Russell, K.C. Jones and Phil Woolpert as the Dons titled in both ’55 and ’56) was still going.


1954–55 San Francisco 28–1 12–0 1st NCAA Champion
1955–56 San Francisco 29–0 14–0 1st NCAA Champion

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