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‘Garbageman’ Is Humorous, Insightful and an Overall Excellent Production

March 20, 2022

Prolific, talented writer Keith Huff (Mad Men, ‘A Steady Rain’) has written a humorous, insightful, superb play called “Garbageman,” playing through April 10th at Chain Theatre (312 West 36th Street).

The two person cast Kirk Gostkowski (‘Dan Bandana’) and Deven Anderson (‘Buddy Maple’) is superb. There is talk within the play of “words making music,” and the duo’s timing and cadence together, makes some of a most beautiful vintage.

There will be no spoilers here and having seen ‘Garbageman,’ wanting more knowledge and perspective plus its overall excellence, makes me want to see it again. Its plot, meaning and crackling dialog kept me “company” on the drive home.

There are references to the epic film, “Strangers on a Train,” (positive) and “March Madness” basketball which I still cite, however, as is the case with fictional ‘Dan,’ am dedicated in my goal NOT to watch.

Greg Cicchino directed this show staging its moving, layered story in an entertaining, most meaningful way. I highly recommend seeing it.

Click below for more information, including how to purchase tickets. › garbageman-by-keith-huffGarbageman by Keith Huff — Chain Theatre




Garbageman by Keith Huff


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