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900 Inspection And First S.Illustrated Notes

March 16, 2022

It was going well, until the call. He found “something” and 900 dollars later, it hurts, is unfair but alas, that is life with a car as a necessity. It could be worse, but even idealistic me, gets little comfort from that for now.


On April 17, 1966, the great broadcaster Bob Murphy notes Ed Mathews and Wes Westrum are meeting, along with the umpires, at home plate.

Ed, Westrum and umpire Augie Donatelli graced the first Sports Illustrated cover in 1954.

Later or was it before, on'”Hitch” Presents,’ Martin Landau, another superb actor, is a lawyer named Ned.

William Hurt, who deserves far more uninterrupted tribute than given here yesterday, was great as a lawyer named “Ned,” in Body Heat.

Another attorney called back, he knew about Bradley, who clearly preferred Brad.

What a day, today is another.


The first Sports Illustrated, featuring Eddie Mathews and Milwaukee County Stadium, turns 65 years old in 2019.

The great Ed Mathews, who started April 17, 1964 with 464 home runs a record for third sackers, is batting.

Wes Westrum of the eventual title winning New York Giants, is the catcher, while Augie Donatelli is calling balls and strikes, among other umpiring duties.

They are above on the first Sports Illustrated cover (August 1954) and hopefully in a better place.

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