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Remembering William Hurt

March 15, 2022

Surely it “hurts” (pun intended) that while others flourish and the greedy, albeit great Brady “Toms” back to pig, (a link to William Hurt is that in “The Big Chill,” their college was Michigan, also Brady’s) that William Hurt, an excellent actor, died days back, too soon at age 71.

His performances in “Chill,” and the apples/oranges winning one opposite another great, Raul Julia (he really died too soon) in “Kiss of the Spiderwoman,” were clearly great and consensus noted, however, it is in “Body Heat,” opposite Kathleen Turner and I cite Richard Crenna and an “exploded on the scene,” Mickey Rourke, that Hurt truly moved me.

I still face it, but you, Mr. Hurt, in many performances provided that “hat” for when the “you know what”/b.s./the (dis) likes of some ascending, and other “you know what” comes down too heavy.

Hopefully above, you can view, rant and maybe help. Surely the great work you left us does help, if only there was more of it, help I mean.


History of Violence 002 (7271227040).jpg

William Hurt, an excellent actor, pictured above.


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