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NFL Has A Great “Slots”Weekend

January 24, 2022

After a bad wild card round, the NFL got 4 excellent games in the slots/division round.

On Saturday, as posted here, the “linked” Bengals and 49ers won games as road underdogs, doing so on last play field goals.

Sunday’s games were even better, though it was the Rams’ miscues and poor coaching by so called genius, McVay, whose first down and at times, second down running was awful strategy, that enabled Brady and T.B. to tie the tilt with 24 straight points.

Luckily for L.A. which opened a 3 plus point(s) favorite vs S.F. in next week’s home title tilt, Stafford found Cooper Kupp to set up the third last play, game winning field goal in as many slots tilts.

Next, in as wild an NFL ‘offs game as every played, there was a last play of “reg,” game tying field goal and that, plus a winning coin toss (opposite of the ’18 title tilt vs Brady, Rex Burkhead and New England) enabled a Mahomes to Kelce TD, lifting K.C. to a 4th straight title tilt, all at home, after having NEVER hosting one in their first 58 seasons, the first 10, being in the AFL.

It is the second time Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid has guided a team to 4 straight title games. He did so with the Eagles (’01-’04), losing the first three before winning in ’04, only to lose, but cover vs Brady in the subsequent Supe.

With the Chiefs, thus far his team lost to New England in aforementioned ’18 title game, ripped Tennessee, in route to a title in ’19 and took Buffalo, before losing to Brady and Tampa Bay, which had a home Supe last season.

7 of the 8 Reid title tilts were at his home field. Belichick made 8 straight title tilts, all with New England (’11-’18). Six of those were played at home. His teams went (5-3) and (3-2) in subsequent Supes.

The great and too often forgotten Paul Brown, (the Browns are named for him and he started the Bengals) made the NFL Title game in his first 6 NFL seasons and 7 of his first 8 (’50-’55) and ’57, after winning all 4 ALL AMERICAN Football Conference crowns (’46-49).

The NFL alternated what were “all the way” title games (Reid and Belichick were in title game/semis), with Brown’s Browns at home in ’50,’52 and ’54. They won the crown in ’50, 54 and ’55.

KC has opened a 7 point fave. Again LA is menos 3 plus. If the two home favorites prevail, a second straight Chiefs at a team hosting a Supe will manifest.

No team hosted in the first 54 years of Supe play.

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