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Cincy/S.F. Link “Works” Again

January 23, 2022

In a pair of low scoring (only 5 touchdowns in the two tilts, only one each by the underdog/linked/visiting/lower seed vs the top seed, but winning teams, Bengals and 49ers) games won by relatively long, last play field goals, the “LINKED” Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers, won road games vs conference top seeds, Tennessee (Titans) and Green Bay (Packers) respectively, to advance to road title tilts, a week hence.

First, in Eagle’s third straight outright dog/second straight vs a top seed, slots tilt, Evan McPherson’s 4th field goal of the game, a 52 yard such, kicked as time expired, lifted Cincy to its first ever road ‘offs win, (19-16) (plus 4), handing Tennessee a third slots loss in as many such games, as the “1” seed.

At night, I went to sleep a bit disgusted that anti-vaccine, but one and now STILL ONLY ONE Supe appearance despite 6 home slots games, Aaron Rodgers led (7-0). However, similar to the stop of “Bellman” and Tennessee, (PAY) the phone “said” 6 point dog S.F. first (13-10). (Believe me I revel at the Lombardi/Bart Starr/Jim Taylor to name 3 greatness, however I did not like nor consider either Favre or Rodgers that great, a point backed up as each has just one Supe win. Additionally the (13-10) vs Green Bay, this in a “quarter” was some karma even vs the Lombardi legacy, as G.B.’s (13-10) overtime win in the 1965 Western Conference playoff game (that was 56 years ago in same calendar ’65 and the Pack have been ousted 85, 60, 55, and 25 years after titles and in a same calendar year as aforementioned ’65 and the lone Rodgers’ title season, that in 2010) was controversial, as Don Chandler’s all important tying field goal may well have not been good. Extensions to the goalposts were added after that season).

While Cincy led (6-0), were tied (6-6–Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel joining the “bonehead decision list,” going for 2, albeit from the 1 and a half yard line at (6-6), and led (16-6), thus never trailing, the Niners trailed (10-3) with less than 5 minutes to play.

The key play was a Niners’ blocked punt touchdown, however please note tied (10-10) in the waning minutes, Mr. Rodgers went 3 and out. That led to Robbie Gould, (all-time 20 of 20 on ‘offs field goal attempts), booting the game winner on the last play from 45 yards away.

As cited yesterday, but …– SF and Cincy have now gone a combined (9-1) (that was Coach Lombardi’s ‘offs record), playing on the same playoffs day.

After a combined same day ‘offs record of (5-2) after Green Bay’s greatest win, that in the ’67 NFL title game/”Ice Bowl,” the Packers and Titans nee Oilers (they were the Oilers for same day NFL/AFL title tilts from (’60-’62) and in ’67) have lost a combined 5 straight same day ‘offs games (the ’67 Oilers title game loss to Oakland (Raiders), title game losses in ’19 and now same day losses as the respective conference “1” seeds in 2021 season playoffs action).


Dave Kocourek 1961.jpg

In the Raiders’ rout of Houston (Oilers), in the ’67 AFL Title tilt, Dave Kocourek, who had a stellar AFL career, gathered in a fake field goal touchdown pass.¬†

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