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“Brady/Brady/Brady” And “Slow It Down” Regarding Chiefs/Bills Tilt

January 25, 2022

First of all, while the poor defense, yes great offense and exciting Chiefs (menos 2) (42-36) overtime win vs the hard luck franchise, Bills (horror loss in this, wild card game at Tennessee in ’99, the so called “Music City Miracle” and most of all the ’90 Supe vs the Giants. Alas they did not show up, even one time forgetting a helmet in Supe losses (’91-’93) but they qualify as hard luck) was a great game, “slow it down” regarding calling it the greatest game.

There had been 4 previous ‘offs tilts between the two original AFL teams, the K.C. Chiefs nee Dallas Texans and the Buffalo Bills and all were routs or at least virtual routs.

In the ’66 AFL Title Game, the Chiefs won (31-7) at venerable War Memorial Stadium and in ’20 won the AFC Title Game at home, in the closest of the four previous ‘offs games between the teams, a “never in doubt” (38-24), later game.

The Bills eased in the ’91 slot 3/earlier Sunday game (37-14) and (30-13) in an earlier AFC title tilt vs Joe Montana and K.C. in ’93. (Montana played in 7 Conference title games, 6 in the NFC, going (4-3), he was (4-0) in Supes, and his teams went (4-1) in later title games, as stated above in route to Supe crowns, but (0-2) in earlier ones (at “Wash” in ’83 and vs the Giants in ’90).

On all 4 occasions, the Chiefs/Bills playoffs game winner lost that year’s Super Bowl. Only in ’91, after a slots game between the two did the Buff/K.C. winner advance in its next game. K.C. is a touchdown fave to do so this week and only an approximate 7 to 5 underdog to win it all.

My coincidences certainly induced by having past media or simultaneous “media/books/writing here” continue and this was pretty big.

Two televisions, neither modern, one sans sound showing highlights involving Mr. Brady, the other a 1999 American Film Institute Top 50 performers, 25 of each gender, and simultaneously the great Spencer Tracy is shown.

The simultaneous “clip” is from “Inherit The Wind” and in a classic scene with the great Fredric March, Tracy really as Mr. Clarence Darrow but as “Henry Drummond,” says  to March’s Matthew Brady (really William Jennings Bryan)– “BRADY/BRADY/BRADY.”

Prediction: Tommy will retire. Supposedly 6 to 1 for him to do so is “out there,” but where and how?

One more Brady thing, did “The Bunch’s, (alas Tommy married a BUNDCHEN) “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” stem from “Wind’s” “Brady/Brady/Brady?”

I seriously doubt it, but my mind goes to that type thing.


In what certainly could be and likely was the “Brady/Brady/Brady” scene, Spencer Tracy is standing, Mr. March is sitting and Harry Morgan (Henry Morgan was another very good “Morgan,” baseball-er Joe was a great one) is “Da Judge.”

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