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Title Game Rematches

January 5, 2022

In the extended 18 week NFL season with all games within the division, there are 5 Conference Title game reduxes in the week ahead.

The two most important games, the (9-7) L.A. Chargers visiting the (9-7) Las Vegas Raiders in an almost certain ‘offs qualification game and the (12-4) Rams hosting the (9-7) S.F. 49ers in a 2 to 5 seeding tilt for the Rams and likely qualification or not for the Niners, are title game rematches.

Both of those Bay Area title game winners, the then Oakland Raiders in ’80 after they won the title tilt at the Chargers’ then San Diego home and the Niners after easing vs the Rams in the ’89 NFC title game, went on to ease to Super Bowl wins. (Oakland won (27-10) vs the Philly Eagles while the Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, led/George Seifert coached, Niners ripped Denver, (then (0-4) in Supes, now (3-5), by a (55-10) count.

One meaningless (out of it “Wash” at “Hack” (Giants) and one near meaningless tilt (Steelers at Ravens), (did I not say for years that after the ’08 crown, the Steelers were “sinked” as far as getting another title. I really liked Big Ben Roethlisberger, but knew/called, but rarely cashed the strong opinion he was not allowed to win a third.) are conference title tilt rematches).

In ’86 the Giants made it (3-0) vs “Wash” that season with a (17-0) title tilt win. My father had a great day as “his” Giants won the conference and my letter to the New York Times, pointing out two great Wilt Chamberlain led teams and not the also great ’86 Boston Celtics had the best winning percentage in any season, was published.

My letter corrected the fine writer, Dave Anderson, who advised Nancy Dunne and her graduating class to be a “polite pest” in seeking employment.

In ’08 the Steelers, as was the case after 3 of the other 4 title game rematches, eventual Supe winners, beat the Ravens in the “semi”/AFC title game.

The Dallas at Philadelphia Saturday night tilt is a redux of the ’80 NFC Title game when an early Wilbert Montgomery TD burst ignited an easy Eagles win. However, unlike the other 4 “this week” title game reduxes, the Eagles lost the subsequent Supe to the Tom Flores’ coached Raiders. 

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