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A.F.C. Update

January 4, 2022

The Tennessee Titans, nee Houston Oilers journey to Houston, where as 10 plus point(s) favorites, they can wrap up their third AFC top seed perch, with a victory over the hometown Texans. The game will commence at 1 P.M. Eastern Time on Sunday.

In the late Saturday afternoon Denver high altitude, with home state Chris Fowler there as lead announcer, the K.C. Chiefs, who titled as the AFC “2” seed in ’19, something they did not do as the AFC “1” last season although they won the awarded home tilts to get to the Supe where they encountered a home Tampa Bay Bucs team, that routed them, look to clinch that and maybe more if Houston upsets Tennessee less than 24 hours later, with a win as 10 point “faves” vs the Broncos.

On Sunday in a moved to later tilt, the Buffalo Bills are overwhelming 17 point “faves” vs the Jets, as they bid to clinch the AFC East and at least a home wild card round ‘offs tilt.

Cincinnati (Bengals) are the current AFC “3” and likely will get no higher and quite possibly be the “4” which still gets them a home wild card round game. In it or in the very unlikely event they get the “1” seed and their next ‘offs tilt is a home slots/div. round game, Cincy will be hoping to end a 9 game ‘offs loss skein, with a home victory.

(10-6) New England is hoping for a reverse of 1966 when the Joe Namath led Jets upset them (they were the Boston Patriots at that time) giving the Buffalo Bills the AFL East crown. N.E. needs a late start win at Miami and a Jets shocking win at Buffalo, to “reverse ’66” and get the East crown.

Current 6 seed Indianapolis (Colts) are 16 point “faves” at Jacksonville vs the Jaguars, needing a win to gain an ‘offs spot for the third time in four seasons.

Finally in “Alfalfa” Michaels presumed last NBC Sunday Night Telecast, it would seem to be winner in/losing team in the game out, as the Chargers are 3 point faves vs the Raiders whose home and thus the game site is Las Vegas. What were the ODDS (appropriate word) of such an event transpiring even 5 years ago?!!

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