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Remembering Peter Bogdanovich

January 6, 2022

The internet informed that the great director, Peter Bogdanovich died at age 82.

I start with an excellent lead paragraph from “The Hollywood Reporter” and will add a few comments of my own.

From the obituary written by Gregg Kilday and Duane Byrge:

“Peter Bogdanovich, the Oscar-nominated writer-director of The Last Picture Show whose career, which also included hits like What’s Up, Doc? and Paper Moon, put him on a path toward living up to the example of those like Orson Welles and John Ford he so lionized, has died. He was 82.”

Think of it, on a path toward Welles and Ford!! 

I think Mr. Bogdanovich proceeded far down that path, toward those greats Ford and Welles, especially with “The Last Picture Show.” 

Peter had similarities to Welles, who became a friend. “Nada” is “Kane,” Orson did that brilliant work at age 26.  I think it was Billy Rose, who told him, “you will never top it.”

One could say that about Bogdanovich, but also about Babe Ruth (he never topped 60 home runs, but so what, he was the greatest player). 

“Paper Moon,” especially, was another Bogdanovich masterpiece. 

Regarding John Ford, who just kept going, it was once asked who are the three greatest U.S. movie directors? The answer John Ford, John Ford and John Ford.

Mr. Bogdanovich kept the legends and the beauty of old time classic Hollywood going. 

Check out his podcast with another “keeper of the flame, ” Ben Mankiewicz.

Many of you will remember his role on the seminal television show, “The Sopranos.”

It was at a party for that show, that I sat at a table, joining Peter, who was sitting alone. He was classy, friendly, asked about me and marveled at the greatness and the unique quality of “The Sopranos.”

Somewhere in some parking garage, James Gandolfini is walking and Peter Bogdanovich is driving a bit too fast. Now they talk, there is no violence, no gangsters, maybe, hopefully, no greed.

What endures is the great work each did.

Today and for all time, about Peter. He was an historian, with a brilliant, creative mind who gave us so much. He suffered horrible loss, but endured.

Maybe, just maybe his Dorothy (Stratten) and he can go over the rainbow, after all.

The Hollywood Reporter obituary of the great, Peter Bogdanovich › movies › movie-newsPeter Bogdanovich Dead: Last Picture Show, Paper Moon 


Bogdanovich seated at a director's chair with a microphone in his hand

Peter Bogdanovich, pictured above.

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