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Not The End, However Both Brady And Belichick. Two of the Greats were perhaps, “Gisele-d” The Greats, Were “Giselled”

December 21, 2021

Again it is far from the end, but perhaps the karma of another Gisele, who as perhaps scripted by “some eternal plan” (cue “Fiddler On The Roof”) that decrees Andy B. walks this earth alone, rejected, somehow worked vs “Gisele Bundchen packing” Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, whose “sig” other, (Linda Holliday) rates high with me.

Mr. Brady’s defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers allowed 9 (there were that many squares/people in the “blended” Brady Bunch TV family) points to the New Orleans Saints, but scored NONE and lost a game that at least for now and somewhat likely period, hurts their seeding position in the NFC.

The (9-0) Bucs’ loss allowed evokes memories of the 1979 NFC title tilt, in which the L.A. Rams won (9-0) at Tampa Bay vs the Bucs. That day the eventual champion Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the then Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans in Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship Game. Sunday past, the Steelers though with the ball but one third of the tilt, evoking memories of Mr. Belichick as Giants’ assistant coach, masterful job in doing so, vs the Bills, to key the win in the ’90 season Super Bowl, defeated the Titans. Who but me?!!

Regarding the “genius,” Mr. Belichick, who has slipped considerably (I know what a surprise the Pats have been but ….) since erring in saying the New York Giants were 1958 title game favorites vs the Baltimore Colts when not only were the Colts 3 plus point(s) favorites, there were at best, “spread” implications when the great John Unitas (referred to as “Yoonitas” that night on “What’s My Line?” by Bennett Cerf) first threw to Jim Mutscheller and then Alan Ameche scored to win the NFL’s first overtime tilt, in its greatest and most significant game. (On a personal note, I feel the glory of that game, the great players and coaches on both sides, but realize it led to the exponentially overblown entity, football/”pig” has become).

Belichick, he of 8 titles, 6 as decision maker/head coach (surely you know Brady has 7, six with Belichick) FG’d down (17-0)/4th and 1 coaching Cleveland, at Pittsburgh in Slot 1/ 1994. Mysteriously, he did similar, early in an eventual Supe loss to the Eagles.

Saturday night past, Belichick his now (9-5) Pats team (the (8-6) Bills visit N.E. in a game that likely will decide the division winner on Sunday and it is as if the 70’s with out of it Jets and Giants tilts denying viewers in N.Y. such big games as Buff/N.E.) down 13, 4th and goal from the 7, with just under 9 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, (not saying they would have made it, likely they would not, but “you must try.” (Cue the Superman episode when “The Man of Steel” was split into 2 with less power.”


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