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Oh Kevin Seifert– Why Do You Not Grasp Simple Math?!!

December 21, 2021

Why blow a gasket?! The ineptitude goes on and on and is rewarded.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN.COM (By the way, though the Packers held off the Ravens (31-30) the all powerful monolith’s site stayed with Packers in control the whole time in its update of the tilt. Is not anybody there? How about just giving the details? No that is the antithesis of what this “Frankenstein” stands for. Its creed is to dress up vapid people to spout nonsense while an indifferent, pathetic public, one duped into no vaccines and worse, keeps tuning in!!) did it again.

He typed the following:

“The Cardinals’ downturn has also reopened the NFC West as at least an interesting possibility for the Rams. A win over the Seahawks would leave L.A. a game out with three left to play.”

Going into to tonight’s game at home vs Seattle (Seahawks) the Rams have a record of (9-4). The Cardinals of Arizona stand at (10-4).

I know at least for now or even if they do no matter what, Arizona has the tiebreaker advantage over the Rams. That means if the Rams win tonight, Arizona’s lead is a fraction of a game or to simplify a half game lead.

If the Rams win tonight and gain a game the rest of the way, they would win the division. Thus if the Rams win tonight, they would NOT be a game out as Seifert wrote, but a half game out.

I wonder what Seifert’s report card indicated. Yet he works while I …..

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